Unreachable Goals?

There’s a definite football/soccer slant to the following but this was also an opportunity too good to miss.

Jumping straight in to the big, exciting question…

Are there any unreachable goals?

If Leicester City F.C. can win the English Premier League, what previously unreachable goal can you now set for yourself?

Even for people with no interest in football – which admittedly is just twenty-two people spending 90 minutes of their lives trying to put a ball into a net – Leicester’s incredible, against-all-odds achievement has been headline news.

Have the players, managers, coaches, fans, doctors, stewards, cleaners, groundskeepers – and everyone else I could mention with an active association to this club – shown the rest of us that there really is no hierarchy? That there is no such thing as the best club, or company, or school, or university?

Maybe you already work for the best company?
Maybe you are at the best school?
Maybe you worked for the best company or went to the best school in the past after all?

Maybe you can outperform or outgrow one of your previous expectations, or the expectation placed on you by someone else?

Maybe now is the time to think again about something you previously thought was unreachable in your career?

Maybe it’s time to think about the horizons we set for ourselves and others?

Maybe it’s time to think about the environments we live in, work in and create for ourselves too?

Are the means and the ability to reach that new horizon really beyond your grasp?

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LeicesterLeicester City and Claudio Ranieri – remarkable career inspiration
[Image courtesy of Phil McIver on Flickr.com]

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