The Career Explorer’s Journal and are here to encourage anyone who wants to learn more about their career or personal relationship with work.

Why a book?

“We wanted to create something accessible and personal, and an eBook ticked all the boxes. A book goes everywhere you go so it’s the best companion guide for a journey of discovery.”

Why a website?

“We want to show you what happens when you see your career through the eyes of an explorer. It’s the best way to seek out new opportunities and new ways to make progress from your unique point of view. Having a website means we can share our experiences and encourage you to do the same.”

Why exploring?

“Exploring is at the heart of everything we do because it’s the best, most accessible, most practical way to make meaningful, lasting discoveries. People have been exploring for years, there’s also an art to exploring (which we knew nothing about when we started!) which is trusted all over the world. There’s no better way to move your career forward.”

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The Team Behind the Site

PaulPaul Diamond is the host of and author of The Career Explorer’s Journal.

“My career has always been linked to the choices people make about their careers and that’s where I’m happiest working. Before 2007 I worked in recruitment, technology and executive search, where I sat for thousands of hours with all kinds of people as they told their career stories and made decisions for their future. In 2007 I started KEEP Consulting Ltd to build a new style of career development consultancy services. My first taste of publicly exploring the world of work/careers came from writing the work/life fusion blog, which I hosted from 2008-2011 (it’s still up if you wanted to take a look!). With plenty of encouragement and support, in 2009 I wrote the first edition of The Career Explorer’s Journal. This was published in 2010 and has gone on to top the career bestseller charts in Australia, Canada, the US and the UK. The fourth & current edition of this e-book was launched at the end of January 2013.”

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Kyle Rollins is a freelance digital marketer and regular contributor to

“It took a while but now I realise I’ve always been a career explorer at heart. After a fast-track, international career in the US military, I asked myself what next? After gaining my degree in business and technology, I moved to London at the age of 23 to begin the second new phase in my career. In London I moved from a technology and innovation role with a leading global consultancy to manage a groundbreaking tech startup running teams of mobile geeks in squads long before corporations followed suit. I returned to the US in 2006, where I have freelanced as an interactive marketing and tech-strategy consultant for corporations and startups alike. I have co-founded companies, seeded new ventures, re-vitalised existing businesses and organised new community ventures in areas as diverse as gourmet food trucks and dog parks. Today I’m still a freelance digital marketeer as well as being a regular contributor to, here and on social media. I’m looking forward to my career continuing its evolution and to being part of the wider, equally exciting experience as new career explorers take up this new challenge too.”

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Alex Vicente & Jorge Veira

Better known as The BiZ Weavers, Alex and Jorge are an experienced web concept and design team based in Porto (Portugal) with clients around the world. Their mix of technical know-how, aesthetic finesse and commercial savvy has created a portfolio of web and social media solutions as effective as they are eye-catching.

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Atholl McDonald

Atholl is the artist and illustrator behind the original artwork on and the cover of The Career Explorer’s Journal. Atholl has illustrated children’s books and TV series ranging from Noddy and Percy the Park Keeper, to William’s Wish Wellingtons and QPootle5 (soon to be a new Disney feature!). When he isn’t drawing, you’ll find Atholl on court working on his game, practising for an imminent Davis Cup call.

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Additional Information

The site was proudly relaunched on Wednesday 5 December, 2012. All development was handled by the fantastic BiZWeavers, Alex & Jorge. This website was first launched together with the book’s first edition on Friday 7 May, 2010 (the original site was developed by Tara Joyce of Elastic Mind).

All original illustrations are by and © Atholl McDonald (with due apologies to Dr Seuss in some cases). The Career Explorer’s Journal is © Paul Diamond and published by The Career Explorer’s Journal, first edition was edited by Joanna Paterson. We’d also like to say a big Thank You for their help and support to Dr. Andrew Grey, Saundra Griffith, Rosa Say, Ronnie Ann Himmel, Ken Elvy, James W. Ridley, Lindomar Machado, Steve Sherlock, Gabi Shimkofsky, Sarah Nolan-Watt and Nicola Diamond. All other written material on this site is protected under Creative Commons License

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