The Magic Number

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The Magic Number

Explore Your Career,

Is being brought to you today by the number 3

Below you’ll find 3 sets,

Of 3 interesting career thoughts to explore

* * * *

The 3 Types of Job

How much you can do
How well you can do
How happy can you make people

The 3 Rules of Non-Performance

A person doesn’t know what to do
He or She cannot do what they have been asked to do
He or She doesn’t want to do what they are being asked to do

The 3 Stages of Every Career

Experiencing (we’re along for the ride)
Influencing (we have a say)
Defining (we set the direction)

And after that 3-friendly musical interlude,

Here’s another great 3 from the archives…

What ought I do
What can I do
What can I hope for

Three big questions from Immanuel Kant,

To help us decide what to do with our careers,

Because we need all the help we can get.

We hope you enjoyed all 3 of the above.

Be sure to let us know what you think!

* * * * *

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