Work Backwards

The thing that changes everything on a job search,

Is when you get that email or call saying Yes, You’re Hired or See You Monday Morning.

No doubt about it, ‘that call’ is a big thing.

But where does a big thing like this come from?

When you work backwards,

it becomes possible to see an unbroken chain.

An interconnected sequence of many little things, all leading us towards the main event.

The reason we get ‘the call’,

May be due to the last meeting we had just before it. A meeting that could only take place because of an earlier conversation.

Working back another step,

That earlier conversation would not have taken place unless someone learned or liked something about you (and vice versa).

In turn, this could only happen thanks to a previous connection or introduction that sometime before, simply had to take place.

And maybe these earlier, smaller pieces of the puzzle only fit together because you were disciplined enough or impulsive enough to send an email, ask a question, write a letter, knock on someone’s door, Google that guy or company’s name you couldn’t remember, or make a call in the first place.

Can it be shown any more clearly?

The way the little things get everything going.

How it might be the little thing you do today or tomorrow that makes a difference.

Just like it could also be the thing you did six months or even six years ago that you clean forgot all about.

Make the first move.

Even when it feels like silence or failure is the only response, such little things can always come back around in ways you’ll never know.

Sowing seeds is the way someone I know talks about this process. Which makes it easier for him to keep going whenever he finds it tough.

The real details and real-life career sequences are always different – unique to every career, the same way a fingerprint is also unique to us – but the story behind every single job search is the same.

When you know this it’s great leveller too.

The billion-dollar company CEO does the same thing as the person looking for their first job, or their first job in years.

Every time you do something,

Even the smallest thing, another link in an unbroken chain is created.

And, when it comes to careers,

These chains can really end with something big.


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