Our First Subscriber Mail

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Our First Subscriber Mail

Just in case you’re not already a subscriber, Here’s our first update, Sent earlier today…

Hello Career Explorers!

This is our first ever subscription email. (Can you tell?)
If you like it, great! (TY & Bless Your heart!)
If you don’t like it, tell me what you would like and watch me listen & learn.

In a nutshell, that’s what exploring your career is about – listening & learning.
As long as you can listen & learn, your career will go from strength to strength.
(Sounds like a hokey promise doesn’t it? But I can promise you it’s not)

To change your career with all the lionhearted bravery of an explorer, all you have to do is ‘Listen to’ and ‘Learn from’ your own experiences & opinions.
Sure you can learn from other people’s gallant deeds & wisey-wisdom too, but you also have a voice.

Never, ever forget you have a voice.

Sometimes it’s only a quiet, inner voice.
Sometimes you’ll find your own voice hard to believe or maybe even hard to trust.
But like Jack Sparrow’s magic compass, it really does know where you want to go.

If you’ve ever looked at your career and thought to yourself, ‘What career?’
If you’ve ever just sat there wondering what on earth you’re going to do next.
If you’ve ever thought work only exists to make you money
(or make you bored or more frustrated or more miserable)
If you’ve ever wondered exactly what it is you’ve always wanted to do.

All we are saying is Wonder On & Wonder More!

Wonder at the wonder of your career.
I guarantee there’s so much you don’t yet know.
And that there’s so much waiting to be discovered by you and you alone.

Where will it go and how will it end?
(and by ‘it’ of course I mean your career)

Who knows? (Who really knows?)
No-one. (That’s who)
No-one knows, which is Why & Where the art of exploring joins the party
(and makes your entire work/life experience more rewarding)

I think that’s more than enough from me for now.
Feel free to let me know how much you liked or didn’t like this email.
But much more than that, feel free to Explore Your Career and visit us again to share anything you want and everything you find.

Until the next time, (if you haven’t already Unsubscribed using the handy link below)

Keep Exploring!

Host & Author ExploreYourCareer.com

– – – – –

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