Three Golden Career Questions

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Three Golden Career Questions

From all of our searching and all of our discoveries over the years, the following three questions are the most valuable by far.

All you have to do is think of a job, profession or line of work that interests you and find a person to ask…

1. What do you like about your job?

2. How did you get started?

3. What advice do you have for someone like me, who is just starting out?

These three golden questions are perfect when you want to start a conversation and maybe you’re a bit shy or reluctant.

They work for any career and any job, because they call on the personal experience of the person you are talking to.

They also gently remind people of the time when they were starting out (creating empathy and a connection with you).

The result of asking these three questions can be remarkable.

We’ve even known people to use them with strangers on the street.

You don’t have to be super-confident, you just have to be curious.

We’re sharing these questions because we know how powerful they are.

And how much power they offer you and your career.

We urge you to give them a try (followed by a try, try and try again).

3 MonkeysDon’t worry monkeys, there’s no evil here. Just three golden questions.
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