The Career Explorer's Journal 2014

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The Career Explorer's Journal 2014

Yes it’s that time of year once again

The nights have drawn in. The weather is colder. Christmas adverts are already on TV (and online). And thoughts here have started to turn towards the new year ahead and all of the new opportunities it creates for exploring work and careers. With all this in mind it gives me great pleasure to announce the new 2014 edition of The Career Explorer’s Journal.

So What’s New?

This edition has a new introduction plus heavily updated sections on ‘Talents‘ and ‘Goals‘. These updates follow 2013’s fine-toothed-comb revision of ‘Values‘ and means the first half of the book is now in the best shape it has ever been to support independently motivated career self discovery.

Free Updates to All

As the season of goodwill approaches fast, I wanted to remind all readers that whatever edition you own, the one-off cover price you have paid means you get the latest edition of the book free. This free update promise also extends to all new readers. So anyone who buys the new 2014 edition will get 2015, 2016, 2017 (and so on) at no extra cost, even if the price of the book goes up in the future!

How do I upgrade?

You can download a new copy of the book from the e-book retailer you purchased it from in the first place. iTunes and Amazon have their own ways of doing this. It should be simple enough but if you have any problems just drop me a line here.

Why Should I Explore?

The book’s free sample talks about why you might want to explore your career. Your reason for choosing to explore your career may be completely different to anyone else’s but the search for all of us is the same. To learn more about personal satisfaction and success and change the way work makes us feel. With this as a goal your career journey will never feel like a lonely place again.

And Finally…

Make sure you tell us all here when you start your exploration. I want to hear what happens and how you get on. The Career Explorer’s Journal is full of stories from people just like you. It has also got better and grown stronger because so many readers have shared what they liked and what they didn’t. The progress of this book is measured in direct evidence unearthed by explorers like you. Without your voice our own journey of discovery couldn’t move forward in the same way. We wouldn’t move forward together.

Coming to an ebook store near you!
[It may be there already]

And Finally, Finally…

To borrow the last line of the 2014 book’s new intro, “I urge you to seek what your inner courage now compels you to find.”

Good Luck and Best Wishes for 2014!


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