Comfort, Stretch, Panic

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Comfort, Stretch, Panic

A comfort zone is usually a nice place to be.
Everything is where we need it,
Doing what we expect it to do,
How and when we like it to be done.

In a stretch zone things are different.
We’re not so confident or assured,
But there’s this feeling we’ll get there,
We’re not worried, we got this.

In panic zones all bets are off.
Everything compresses,
Comfort shatters, stretch snaps.
In panic we get lost.

These three zones are normal.
Perhaps even good.
No single zone is permanent or all powerful.
All three have downsides and benefits.

Comfort, stretch and panic interconnect.
There are no dead ends.
All three are joined by merging routes,
In and out, known and new.

Skyscraper Junction
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