The Job Seeker's Interview #8 – Andrew

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The Job Seeker's Interview #8 – Andrew
The Job Seeker’s Interview is back! This time the answers are from Andrew, who we are delighted to say has just landed a new job after 4 months of searching. Here’s what he had to say about the experience…

1. What’s your name?

2. Where do you live?

3. How long were you looking for a job?
4 months

4. How would you sum up the story of your job search?
Very stressful and disappointing

5. What went well?
I managed to get a few temp assignments only through contacts/friends

6. What could have gone better?
Agencies could have been more supportive andactually work on finding you the correct role

7. What helped your job search? How did it help?
A small boutique agency, they promoted me very well to their client and I was made an offer in the end

8. What job search support did you value most?
Personal guidance from the agency (all their staff members are involved) and their personal attention and interest

9. What experience (or advice) do you want to share with other job seekers?
Don’t rely on online job boards or large recruitment agencies, as you are just another number. Work your networks and try to get a foot in the door through someone you know and focus on small well known agencies rather than the big ones

10. (If you had a magic wand) What would a network of job seekers do for one another?
Guidance on CV writing, Cover letter writing, interview tips and help with promoting/selling yourself. All support out there is not free of charge, and I think that if there are professionals in your network of job seekers who can assist with this through previous experience, then it would be very helpful and obviously very well received by all

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Thanks for your great answers Andrew! It sounds like your job search was a challenging experience, but there was something good at the end of it to show for all that effort you put in. We particularly like the strong show of self-reliance that comes through in your answers. Especially where you say, ‘Work your networks and try to get a foot in the door through someone you know’. Self-reliance and get-up-and-go is like magic dust on a job search. The biggest difference is self-reliance & get-up-and-go actually exists, and we can all find it in ourselves somewhere. Especially when we look for it.
Just like the seven brave souls who answered these questions ahead of you, there’s no doubt you’ve helped other job-seekers by sharing your experience. Maybe your answers will encourage someone new to seize the day and take up the challenge. To find out more about the Job Seeker’s Interview and why we think you should get involved, tap or click here to learn more.
Andrew, Thanks again, Congratulations, We Salute You! 😀
Wise words Jake. We couldn’t agree more
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