what we're doing on facebook

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what we're doing on facebook

Our site is here and now we have a fan page over there (on facebook) for anyone interested in exploring their career. It’s there to support, encourage and share in every career journey – whether it’s just started out or well underway – because we believe no one should ever have to go it alone. I don’t believe in gurus pulling strings. I’d rather put my trust in facts, experiences and thoughtful opinions. Things we can all listen to and process in our own way.

Stories from hundreds of career explorers prove that good answers and solid career decisions are available to anyone. If we hit a crossroads or a rough patch it’s often a story that gives us the nudge that becomes the hint of the idea that turns into the snippet of the precursor to the thought that’s the reason we push on or pull through.

We – along with our book The Career Explorer’s Journal – have finally made it to facebook because the power of one is strongest when it’s multiplied by many. It may take time for others to come, in the meantime you can always join the pioneers and stop by our page to share an experience or tell us what you think. Look forward to seeing you there soon!

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