Feeling Lucky

When a voice inside says “you can’t”,

it makes all the difference in the world to hear someone or something else say “you can”.

Support and encouragement comes from other people and it comes from within.

Either way it makes us feel ready, feel confident, feel lucky even.

Lucky we have someone or something to inspire us.

If another person ever encouraged or got behind you, I don’t need to explain what a difference it makes.

Support like this happens for a reason. Quite often because that other person saw something good, perhaps even something special in you.

Whatever the reason, they made it their business to be on your side.

– – –

It won’t always be easy but I think it’s always possible to find support and encouragement for your career.

The positive voice that speaks to you – and only you – is out there somewhere.

Sometimes it can sound like a stuck record but some people find it hard to give up.

Not giving up says a great deal about them but also think about this,

You’re the one they’re not giving up on and that has to say something about you.

[Image courtesy of stevendepolo on Flickr.com]
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  1. I think we all need a group of special people around us …
    We need people who believe in us and encourage us.
    We need people who to tell us it is not the end of the world when we slip up.
    We need people who provide a shoulder to cry on when it might be the end of the world.
    We need people who provide a kick in the pants when we need a kick in the pants.
    These people keep us healthy and grounded. And they are all amazing.

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