Job-Seeker’s Interview #7 – Annelise

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Job-Seeker’s Interview #7 – Annelise
If you’d like to find out what the job-seeker’s interview is all about, click here to learn more.
In the meantime, here are the answers from our latest interviewee Annelise…
1. What’s your name?
2. Where do you live?
3. How long have you been looking for a job?
a couple of months
4. What’s the story of your job search so far?
I tried to hunt for jobs on Twitter. More precisely I wanted to connect with people on Twitter, who are based in the ad / social media industry. With a couple of projects I wanted to attract attention to myself and my skills.
5. What has gone well?
I got to know some really great people and met up with them in London. I also had interviews, which I got through my campaign on Twitter.
6. What could have gone better?
Sometimes I thought I need a better organized plan. I should have written to certain people and agencies and I should have showed more what I’m looking for and what are my skills.
7. What has helped your job search so far? How did it help?
Other people helped me so far. It’s good to know a lot of people who are willing to help you and who already have experience in their field. They helped me with my CV, connections and other valuable tips.
8. What job search support would you value most?
It would help to be able to plan my job search across all the different areas like recruitment agencies, people you know, job offers on home pages like Brand Republic, events etc. That way I would be in the middle, confident I was doing everything I could.
9. What experience (or advice) would you like to share with other job seekers?
It takes a loooong time sometimes. I would say: start early.
10. (If you had a magic wand) What would your network of job seekers do for each other?
It’s good to have somebody you can share your doubts sometimes. Or even your successes. I did this on Twitter as well. In the network people encourage you to continue what you are doing. It’s very helpful when you get good feedback. One day the job seekers will be employees, I would stay in this network and help others to find their dream job!
* * * * *
Thanks for your great answers Annelise!
You’ve been a real trailblazer, taking your job search to Twitter like this.
It’s clear you’ve learned a lot from the experience but doing things this way,
You’ve helped other job-seekers learn too, and that’s a rare and commendable thing.
To ensure no good deed goes unpunished,
I’ll return the favour and help with your answers to Q6 & Q8,
Drop me a line and I’ll send you something to help with showcasing your skills,
targeting the right audience and developing your new, multi-media job search plan 🙂
* * * * *

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