People, groups and careers

To get any group of people talking about work and careers, you need to put every single one of them first

Which might not be as impossible as it sounds…

All groups are just people joining or working together.

Every member of a group has their own reason(s) for being there and their own set of priorities,

When a group can help its members appreciate their own reasons for being there and make progress in-keeping with their priorities,

That group is putting every one of its members first.

A group that puts individuals first and helps everyone make progress is the only career group worth joining.

That group should be a place where your experience is respected, where the things that matter to you, matter to other people too.

It should also be a place where your personal values, talents and goals count for something,

Where focusing on your career begins to create a direction,

And the story of the group is told by individual people finding and choosing their way,

Helping others to do the same as they do.

In a group like this people can move forward and sustain their achievements.

A group like this can become a place where people and careers begin to shine.

Crying Miffy by Tom Sachs
[Image courtesy of Judah Morford on]

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