Who is The Lil' Career Explorer?

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Who is The Lil' Career Explorer?

Our Lil’ Career Explorer has found a new voice on Twitter.

Despite not being real, he fought hard for this temporary gig and now wants to make it his own.

I like to think of myself as a reasonable guy so it seemed only fair to give him a chance.

With just one condition: If you like him, he stays. If you don’t, he goes.

It’s as simple as that.

Here’s some more information to help you make up your mind…

Name: Lil’ Explorer
Date of Birth: Unknown (Date Discovered: May 2010)
Education: BSc*, The International School of Sidekicks (*Basic Swimming Certificate)
Most likely to say: “I’m the perfect career explorer’s companion.” “No real person could be as objective as me.” “No offence but you real people have ego issues about being sidekicks.” “I’m not lost, I’m exploring”
Don’t get him started: “I’ve got nothing against experts but big personalities get in the way on a career exploration. You’re much better off with someone little.”
All-time Heroes: Dora the Explorer, Jiminy Cricket, Jean Passepartout, Michael Collins, Robin (The Boy Wonder), Jeeves, Sacagawea, Milhouse van Houten
Don’t confuse him with: The Vault-Tec Pip-Boy (or any other syndicated character for that matter)

He’s not real but that isn’t holding him back!

* * * * *
That’s all from our Lil’ Career Explorer for now
You can follow his mission to support career explorers everywhere on Twitter
Like him, Hate him, Want to ask him a Question? Put it all in a comment below!
* * * * *

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