Experienced Job-Seekers Wanted!

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Experienced Job-Seekers Wanted!

We all struggle with a job search at some point in our careers,

But we don’t all struggle at the same time and with the same thing.

If there was a way to share and combine our job-seeking experiences we’d have all the knowledge and power any of us would ever need.

Just imagine every individual job search being given every advantage and every chance to end in success.

So is there a way to combine job-search experience?

It’s not perfect (Yet!) but I reckon we’ve made a good start with this short list of questions I’ve called The Job-Seeker’s Interview.

The Job-Seeker’s Interview gives you immediate pay-back when you answer its questions. Straight away you’ll learn more about the important events you’re now living through. You can also confirm what you’re doing well and get a better handle on the support that can help you the most.

There’s also the real potential for longer-term pay-back if you take this short interview now. As more of us answer these questions our knowledge and experience of looking for work will combine and grow.

When enough job-seekers share their stories a cross-over will start to take place. Gaps in individual stories will begin to close, new learning and new information will emerge. As and when this happens job-seekers will be helping job-seekers. You will be helping yourself but you’ll also be helping other job-seeker’s at the same time.

What happens after I answer these questions?

Once you have submitted your interview, I’ll get back to you with a unique reference number for your answers. Right now the counter stands at ‘00000’, which means the first set of answers I receive will be labelled ‘00001’ and we’ll go upwards from there.

When you have your number, I’ll post your interview up here on this blog so that you and other job-seekers can read it and the exchange of knowledge and experience can begin. Only you will know what number you are, so the whole thing can be anonymous if you want.

Each numbered interview will get its own permanent page on this site. You and anyone else can comment on your page as much or as little as you want, with updates, questions or anything else. It’s up to you where you take it from there.

What are we creating further down the line?

I see a community of job-seekers helping themselves and each other by sharing ‘real-world’ job search experience. They will be encouraging and supporting one another as they go. It might take time to get there but it can be done and we’ll get closer one interview at a time. Which means you can make a difference.

There is real value in this interview regardless of whether your number ends up being 00001 or 01001 because it gets to grips with real-life as a job-seeker and does something positive with the experience. Something positive that will benefit you and other people just like you when you’re out there looking for work.

Discovery begins with experimentation
[Visual experimentations shared by Sanchtv on Flickr.com]

* * * * *

Be one of the first to take The Job-Seeker’s Interview
Do you have any questions or suggestions?
Send them in here or comment below!

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