What do careers advisers love about their job?

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What do careers advisers love about their job?

Have you ever wondered what careers advisers love about their job?

Just recently I got to put this question to a group of working advisers.

Here are some of their replies…

“I find it a privilege to be with someone when they are facing change in their lives and in some ways I’m able to help”

“I love being an advisor because I like the feeling when a client achieves because of our interaction”

“I love being an adviser because I enjoy meeting lots of different people and the feeling of helping them on their journeys”

“i like that everyday is so different with the people i see and their individual needs and circumstances, striving to work effectively for them to achieve their goal. if i can give back to a customer what my adviser gave to me years ago…confidence and prospects for the future, then i find it rewarding.”

“I love making a difference and helping people to change their lives”

“moving people forward, opening up new horizons.”

“perhaps being the first person who’s actually taken the time to listen and find out what that individual is going through and how they can move forward.”

“Being able to make a difference :-)”

“Making a positive impact on someone’s life.”

“Helping people!”

“Meeting a diverse section of our community and being able to help.”

“Introducing people to their dreams”

“Connecting with people and providing constructive help”

“Being able 2 lift someone up and open up possibilities 4 them that they may have previously thought not possible.”

“To listen & help people make decisions through their life, which is always hard to make but can be so life changing for someone.”

“Enabling a person 2go 4ward with an idea and 4 them 2 realise it is possible.”

“Making a difference to people’s life chances”

“What I love about being an adviser is the diverse range of people I see and knowing they are all different.”

“I love meeting new people, helping them achieve their goals and watching them grow”

“Because i get to meet lots of interesting people…talk all day…and make a difference. It’s the only job i’ve had where i never clock watch!”

“I love the dynamic of seeking to understand!”

Is it impossible to understand why someone might love their job,
unless in some small way you love yours?

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