Job-Seeker’s Interview #2 – Paul

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Job-Seeker’s Interview #2 – Paul

Just tuned in and want to know what this is all about?
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Here are some answers from our latest interviewee, Paul… 

1. What’s your name?


2. Where do you live?

In the UK

3. How long have you been looking for a job?

A few months

4. What’s the story of your job search so far?

Lack of focus. Putting too many eggs in one basket

5. What has gone well?

I’ve learned a great deal, met a lot of interesting people and found out how tough it is to be a job-seeker today

6. What could have gone better?

I could have listened a lot more, a lot earlier on

7. What has helped your job search so far? How did it help?

Talking with friends and family has helped a lot. It takes the pressure off and helps you see things from a different perspective

8. What job search support would you value most?

Someone to give it to me straight, even if they think it’s news I don’t want to hear. I’ll always do something positive with the experience

9. What experience (or advice) would you like to share with other job seekers?

There’s opportunity in every conversation/Every conversation is a new opportunity

10. (If you had a magic wand) What would your network of job seekers do for each other?

Share experiences. Support each other. Look out for one another. Celebrate their successes together no matter how large or small
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We hope this experiment has legs so if you’re an experienced job-seeker
(or a job-seeker with experience) we want you and your experiences on here
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