This is what readers of The Career Explorer’s Journal have told us about their experiences, and the positive impact of exploring their career…

Gabi’s Story

“I’d say that exploring my career was really more of a necessity than it was a choice. I’d been laid off from my job and had been unsuccessfully searching for a new one for several months.

“It seems obvious now, but somehow I just didn’t realize how hard it is to find something when you have absolutely no idea what you’re looking for.”

“I felt like I was fishing with a broken rod, and all I was managing to reel in was self-defeat, frustration and just plain sadness. Reading The Career Explorer’s Journal, I realized that before I could search for any job, it was imperative that I take a huge step back from the trauma of being laid-off, my mounting bills and the embarrassment I felt over my inability to get even the jobs that I knew I was qualified for.

“I needed to begin a new journey. I needed to start collecting information about what I wanted, what I had to offer and all the places I wanted work to take me.”

“I had a few false starts but when I got into it, reading along and answering the questions in the book felt like setting out on a trip around the world with a really great map. Each question answered felt like a new stamp in my passport. I was getting to see parts of my world that I hadn’t known were there.
“I ultimately ended up securing a contract in a business that I’d never focused on before. Although I’m still only a couple of weeks into it (at the time of writing) it already feels like a perfect fit for my personality and skill set, with great potential to turn into a full-time opportunity and maybe even the career I’ve always wanted. But this is not the end of the journey for me. I learned a lot from The Career Explorer’s Journal but for me the most valuable thing that’s come from it is the idea that exploring my career never really ends. Whether I encounter successes or failures in my working life, my world tour continues and with it comes more questions and answers, detours and roadblocks plus all of the magnificent scenery I’m now looking out for along the way.

* * * * *

Ramon’s Story

“My findings with the support and guidance of The Career Explorer’s Journal are overwhelmingly positive. The most striking discovery has been the values and talents my employers saw in me, and the fact that I did not pay enough attention to their (mostly) very positive evaluation of me and my work.

“Whatever the future will be, I now feel stronger and at the same time more willing to go forward with an improved knowledge of my values and talents. This has already helped me to define new goals and make new decisions I feel confident about.”

“This book is a terrific tool for any honest person/professional willing to “explore” in depth his or her values, talents and goals. The genuine and interesting facts from “historical explorers” make it inviting, comprehensive and to the point. It is a very demanding “method” for someone like me, who has never seriously thought to make such an analysis of his professional past, present and potential future. On my career exploration, I discovered consistency if not harmony between my values, talents and goals and things people have said about me in the past (managers and colleagues alike). These findings were indeed very positive surprises and they have helped me to consolidate my overall self-esteem, something every one of us needs.

“Reading this book has also helped me to discover a new sense of pride in my progress and my achievements.”

“I now see my education, skills and experiences combined and in harmony, something I believe will help and support me for the rest of my professional life. I also recognize the importance of paying special attention to details. An immediate consequence of this is a newly refreshed resume filled with more evidence for everyone to see.”

* * * * *

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