Acts of Kindness

“Behind anything anyone ever achieved, was an act of kindness by somebody else.”

How did your thoughts go on this? The more I explored this idea about connected kindness, the more it made sense. Take your career for example. It goes without saying that all your achievements (large or small) rely on the effort you put in but can you really say no one else had a hand in there? I for one couldn’t say this for sure.

So if I can’t deny other people’s involvement in my achievements, what does this mean? For a start it means my career is connected to other people in completely new and unbreakable ways. A career can be a lonely place because we tend to imagine our big thinking, choosing, retreating and recovering as experiences we go through alone. So what if you aren’t alone?

The more ways to think about the link between ourselves and other people the less isolated and disconnected we feel. The more we recognise the positive, beneficial influences of other people on our work/career, the better. The more we know we don’t achieve, succeed or struggle alone, the better. The more we realise how many times we have been helped and how many times we have helped someone else, the better this feels all round.

No matter what you do, where you are or what part of your career you’re currently thinking about, I urge you to think some more about the kindness done to you by others, and done by you to others. I think you’ll like what you find.

Making a Connection
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