Talking About Growth versus Growth

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Talking About Growth versus Growth

I was annoyed by an expert commentator on the radio this morning who was whining about the fact that there’s no growth in the economy, that there’ll be no growth until there is greater investment and that there’ll be no greater investment until the banks sort things out.

True perhaps but only in part. This expert’s position ignores 3 key things…

1. entrepreneurial growth doesn’t always require large scale investment, particularly from banks

2. investment in growth business often starts with private individuals (and in small scales)

3. while some people talk about growth, others are out there making it happen

The reality this expert missed is in the growth stories already out there. I can’t help thinking that some talkers need to start with a little economic re-balancing in themselves, investing a little more in their eyes and ears instead of just their cake-holes. The great businesses of tomorrow, the important employers of tomorrow – some of them are already out there.

Starting small. Re-investing revenue and profit. Building for the future. Growth.

It only takes a drop of water or a crack in the cement…
…or the humility to come down and look a little closer to the ground
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  1. I agree, we need a more holistic and therefore positive outlook on growth from the commentators that are responsible for setting the general mood of society. People today need hope and a vision for the future not excuses and blame/pity-parties.

  2. Wonderful post, Paul. I agree wholeheartedly with both you and Peter!

    The same words can be said here in the United States. A lot of whining about no growth, while new businesses are born here every day. They and the people who run them could use some encouragement and support, and a whole less whining – no matter what side of the aisle the whining is coming from. Waiting for banks to sort things out – however long that may take to even define – is not a solution. And, as a former banker, I just want to say that banks make small loans too – or they can when not allocating so much of their assets into things like hedge funds that make money (or lose it) without pumping real growth money into the economy. Just imagine if all that money went into helping people build their own dreams and economic engines!

    Less whining. More vision. And more investment where it really counts.

    Thanks, Paul. Appreciate the chance to let off a bit of steam. 🙂

  3. Thanks for your great comments Peter, Ronnie Ann,
    I had to get this out of my system too as it just feels like the public/media debate misses the perspective from people out there making growth happen, even if it is starting small.
    The irony is, a lot of big businesses have entrepreneurial roots. Humble origins in ideas, garages, sheds, market stalls, food trucks, you name it! I just wanted to salute the souls who can turn a $50 or £50 stake into $500 or £500. Their grit, skill, energy & perspiration is the untold story of new growth for me!

  4. “We need to encourage more entrepreneurship from the next generation – and focus on giving them the basic business and money-management skills as part of the schools curriculum.” Richard Branson, quoted in a Guardian online article this morning (

  5. I think that when it comes to media attention around the economy, most of it should be filtered…and strongly. jobs report numbers can be easily spun to highlight growth or stagnation, depending on other needs (political, economic, etc). It is up to all of us as individuals to realize that stability and growth comes from within us, not from an external structure. Then, they can say what they want and it won’t affect our success.

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