CareersBuzz Breaks Cover at UEL

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CareersBuzz Breaks Cover at UEL

What a day, what a location, what a buzz! The photos can do most of the talking for now but I’ll be adding more to the story as we go.

The short story is that this bus will be visiting UK schools, listening to (and learning with) students, teachers, head-teachers and careers professionals to find out what they want and what they need when it comes to 14-18 year olds meeting the world of work and careers for the first time.

Everywhere it goes the CareersBuzz bus will have best-in-class people and resources on board to prove what’s possible and what can be done. Thanks to the CareersBox online library of films, many of the career and work stories the bus can share will be first hand. Thanks to SkillsExplorer, students everywhere will be able to connect with these great films (and great careers/vocations) in a completely new and personal way. And thanks to a huge partnership effort from the University of East London this brilliant bus is now on the road

There’ll more to share on all of this soon. In the meantime, get on board!

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