A Little Friday Bee Story

The moral to a story usually comes at the end but because we’re all very busy and the internet is a wonderfully distracting thing (always calling on us to make that next click and visit a new page) I’ll save time and give you the moral to this little story up front…

“It can be done
and sometimes
you’re the best person to do it”

I’ve often been the first person to doubt whether something can be done. ‘No’ is kind of my default, internal setting. But then I get a doubt, an idea, a feeling or – if it’s strong enough – the belief that something can be done and I’m the best person to do it.

Nowadays it doesn’t matter if this feeling starts with a question, a desire or a compulsion. If it won’t go away I’ll dig and dig and dig, instead of trying to bury it.

– – – – –

The reason something works isn’t always clear. I read today that the flight of the bumble bee has been argued over quite a bit in the past. Some people said bees were completely the wrong shape for flight. Their wings were too small and their bodies too heavy. The fact bees could fly at all just didn’t add up.

Then a new explanation for apian flight came along (perhaps from a group of people in lab coats, covered in stings with lots of pens in their pockets if the mental image helps). This study concluded that a bee’s body creates lift, via pockets of varying air-pressure, to keep herself (or himself) in the air.

At last bees could fly on paper as well as in the air. Not that bees forgot to fly or grounded themselves while these facts were argued out.

And now for the bees…
[Image courtesy of James Bowe on Flickr.com]

– – – – –

Sometimes it just doesn’t matter if we can’t explain something immediately.
At times like this, something much bigger than settling every argument,
and quieting every contradictory voice is going on.
It may continue to defy explanation for some people but that can always come along later.
Just like it did for the flight of the bees.

* * * * *

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