Adam has a Plan

Adam’s future wasn’t clear but he worked out a plan nonetheless.

It’s not a complicated career plan, actually it’s quite simple.

Adam looked at his work history and chose a way forward that made the most sense.

His overall plan was to get back into the work he liked the most.
Adam had done a few different things but he preferred construction work.
He liked getting hands-on, the teamwork, the satisfaction,
Maybe not the winters spent outdoors but there were plenty of good experiences,
And they all went into his plan.

This time around Adam was going to see if he could become his own boss.

With a new idea of what was possible in the future, Adam made sense of where to go and what to do next.

His plan was simple but it was clever and flexible too. Adam knew he might have to take other work before a new way of working came his way. He was smart enough to know that things have a habit of coming together in unexpected ways, not to mention their own sweet time. But all this made him flexible and kept his plan on track.

As for where Adam is now, I’ll leave the last word on that to Adam and let you make up your own mind about his plan, how it made sense and why he’s moving forward…

“i have had a job offer and have started today, and i am going to work hard for a couple of years and save until i can start up myself,
it’s not where i thought to go first but i feel that the job is ideal and it’s what i wanted to get into anyway, so here I am.”

They’re out there and they’re open
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