Never had a clue, Still have no idea?

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Never had a clue, Still have no idea?

“I’m one of those that never had a clue what career path they wanted to take. I still have no idea.”

Have you ever heard, said or thought the same thing?

If you have I’ll bet you had no idea just how great an answer this really is…

Saying out loud that you don’t have a clue is an almost perfect place to begin figuring things out.

It’s a clean slate. The absolute beginning of something new. There’s no falling or slipping backwards from here.

It’s also a great place because the clues are everywhere and they’re already part of our story. Even if we had no idea they were there up to now.

Such always-therenever-fail clues can be found in the detail of your experiences, your choices & your values, talents & goals (take a look at The Career Explorer’s Journal to see more about your unique, personal VTGs).

Clues like these add up to a clear, new idea of a direction you’re happy to take. Sometimes they even prove you had an idea all the time.

I spend most of my time exploring careers in one way or another and I’m yet to meet someone who can’t gather these clues and see new ideas come together in this way.

Every career – the story, the clues & the ideas –  will always be different but the simple building blocks for each person are exactly the same.

Never had a clue, still have no idea? Maybe there’s no better place to explore

Clues & ideas can always be found in what we do
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