Prepare to be Ignored

Quite a few of us are hearing the same thing for longer on a job search…


We make the right moves but still no-one gets back to us.

Emails go unanswered, letters go unread and for all we know nobody ever reads our CV/Resumé.

No two ways about it, we’re being ignored.

But would it make a difference if we knew this was going to happen?

What if we were prepared from the very start to be ignored…

I reckon it would make quite a difference.

Being ignored wouldn’t be such a shock for a start. We’d already know it was nothing personal, that it’s all part of the process. We’d realise from the outset that we weren’t out there alone and getting all that silent treatment saved up especially for us.

With the knee-jerk shock of silence out of our system maybe we could just get on with what we need to do and where we need to go on any given day. We’d be forewarned and forearmed with the knowledge that being ignored was going to happen so maybe we’d be able to take things in our stride, carry on getting word out there and telling all those people and companies what we want and what we can do.

Who knows, without our frustrations getting the better of us when we didn’t hear anything, maybe we’d win back even more time for ourselves. A job search will never be a pleasure cruise but the more time we spend organising, planning and getting things done, the more chances we’re giving ourselves.

Being ignored can be one of the worst things to get over and get through when we’re looking for work. I’m not saying we should aim for a point where the silence on a job search is welcome but maybe it’s not impossible to believe that what we don’t hear shouldn’t hurt us anymore.

What it means to be ignored, by someone who knows
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