Job-Seeker’s Interview #3 – Sarah

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Job-Seeker’s Interview #3 – Sarah
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If you’re a job-seeker with experience, you & your experiences are in demand here!
In the meantime take a look at these interview answers from Sarah…

1. What’s your name?


2. Where do you live?

Middle England

3. How long have you been looking for a job?

2 years

4. What’s the story of your job search so far?

Have been looking for the ideal job for too long! Perfect hours, perfect skill base, perfect career path

5. What has gone well?

Sorting out my CV – it now looks good and reads even better

6. What could have gone better?

Less fear

7. What has helped your job search so far? How did it help?

Following the Career Explorer’s Journal. Helped me to organize my thoughts and define my strengths

8. What job search support would you value most?

(No response)

9. What experience (or advice) would you like to share with other job seekers?

Be honest, up front and be able to support every choice you have made so far in your career – it probably seemed a good idea at the time!

10. (If you had a magic wand) What would your network of job seekers do for each other?

For someone returning to work the opportunity to work shadow or just be given the chance to talk through their skills with people in the relevant industry would be so beneficial
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Thank You Sarah for joining this small band of rough, tough pioneers 😉
It feels good to get job search stuff out there, even better when it starts coming back
(which will happen more and more as the group grows)
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One Comment

  1. Hi Sarah,
    My answer to Question 6 could have been exactly the same as yours, I reckon you’ve already shown less fear than me by saying it out loud.
    Fear still drops an icy cold key down my back all the time but I do find it easier to be more positive now. For example, I’ve learned that my fear is often linked to events/situations that I want to go well (a meeting, an interview, a blog post even). I realised that these things going well does no harm to me or to anyone else, in fact when they do go well it’s often more likely to have a beneficial effect. This doesn’t banish fear completely but it makes me determined to face it and see fear as something smaller and much less powerful. It helps me focus on good outcomes too!
    All the best,


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